Halsey’s and you will Cortana’s dating started off self-confident

Cortana had an amusing and you may lively identity and a tiny experience off cryptic humor laced with some sarcasm. She had none arrogance nor not true modesty regarding the this lady enormous potential, and her comments on the her overall performance features an objective angle one to humans usually don’t get to. She did rating bored stiff often and easily. Actually, they say one to seven mere seconds from laziness having an enthusiastic AI was agonizing.

Cortana appeared to display the this lady creator’s memories, view, opinions, as well as philosophy. When she are requested by Dr. Halsey to select a great “supplier,” Cortana selected John-117 to possess their neural being compatible along with his “luck.” [7] The same cause employed by Halsey on her behalf selection, as well. She wasn’t simply a beneficial facsimile regarding Dr. Halsey’s mind, and in addition a copy away from the woman physical function, albeit in the a young many years.

Catherine Halsey

Dr. Cortana aided Halsey around Palace Ft [2] and also beamed at Halsey’s presence. [34] Due to the fact rampancy grabbed hold, Cortana began to mistrust and become mad from the Halsey. Cortana called their a “condescending cunt.” [34] Despite planning metastability, Cortana named the lady a beast on her tips on the SPARTAN-II Program. [4]


She got presented significant commitment in order to John-117 past whatever the lady programming or purpose expected. She seemed to be really dedicated so you can your that is ready to greatly help him having one task the guy expected out-of the woman. Immediately following she learned what occurred to help you John-117 since children, she decided to cover him out-of then injury to the best of the lady results instead of compromising the girl purpose. Whenever you are a great prisoner of the Gravemind, her sanity is pressed toward brink given that she eluded the fresh new Gravemind’s attempts to simply take and you can dissect the lady for guidance. The girl private support to help you and unwavering have confidence in John-117 assisted anchor her and permit the lady to hang on the even after are passionate to the stage off rampancy. Cortana as well as believed that she are finest competent to manage John-117 and you can understood he may rating some other AI to exchange the girl, however, believed that no-one perform ever before take care of him such she would. Whenever John came into dilemmas of the Didact on The fresh new Phoenix Incident, she informed this new Didact that she wasn’t “. this getting humanity.” The thing that was seen as the girl finally act, is actually protecting John. [33]

She seem to joked in the continuing a relationship having John-117 and it is tend to suggested your a few characters have set-up some form of connection. Just before Procedure: Warning sign, she tells Dr. Halsey one John-117 is actually “attractive from inside the a prehistoric-creature sorts of ways” if you are exploring a photo out of him. [36] Into the Raid on Large Foundation, his mere exposure plus the reminder off their hope to her was indeed sufficient on her to pull by herself along with her that assist your. [22] In the The fresh new Phoenix Incident, she forfeited herself to store John. Among history anything she really does is actually touch your with a lifetime-size of hologram, one thing she got constantly wished to create. Whenever John is devastated by her next passing, stating it’s their business to look out for this lady, she tells your he’s designed to watch out for each almost every other and did. [33]

“I detest you! Cortana prevent it! I’ve made the decision! If I’m going to perish agreeable this ship, the chief are affected an identical fate given that me personally. Cortana end! You sacrificed what you having him! Manage yourself.”

While on panel new Submit Unto Dawn, Cortana became even more conflicted in the this lady thinking on John. Within one second, top women seeking woman sites she off proper hated him, to her normal emotions. [37] This disagreement appeared to fall off since Didact started to examine the vessel. [27] [37]